Abstract Instructions

Abstract Instructions for Authors

  • Allocations of all abstracts are determined by the abstract review committee of the meeting.

  • Only registered delegates may present abstracts.

  • If your abstract is accepted and you do not register within an appropriate timeframe, your abstract will be withdrawn.

  • Abstracts are not edited by the organisers and author corrections will not be accepted after the final submissions deadline.

  • Abstracts should be checked carefully for accuracy prior to submission.

  • Author’s names should be submitted in the format ‘ A. Smith’. The submitting author MUST be the presenting author.

  • The title of the abstract should be a maximum of 150 characters.

  • Please ensure that the first word of your title starts with a capital letter.

  • All other words (apart from proper nouns) should be in lower case.

  • Do not type your title in CAPITAL letters.

  • The abstract may be a maximum of 500 words.

  • Abstracts exceeding this limit will be truncated.